Paper Management & Filing Solutions
What are the benefits of Home Organizing?
Peace of Mind
Hope For The Future
More Time With The People You Love
More Time Doing The Things You Love
Renewed Order In Your Life and Your Home
Less Time Looking For Lost Items 
Overwhelmed Moms
Organizing Solutions For:
  • Paper Management
  • Bills
  • Magazines
  • Paper Piles
  • Unopened Mail
Lack Of Organization
Organizing Solutions For:
  • Closets
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Linen Closets
  • Living/Family Rooms
  • Play Rooms
  • Kitchens & Cabinets
Paper Management & Filing Solutions 
Organizing Solutions For:
  • Household Management Systems
  • Bill Pay
  • Cleaning Schedules
  • Personal Planners
  • Time Management
Organizing after MovingOrganizing Solutions For:
  • "Setting Up House" After A Move
Home Organizing with Children 
Organizing Solutions For:
  • Teaching Children Ways to Help Around The Home
Organizing For New Baby
Organizing Solutions For:
  • The Baby Nursery
  • Give The Gift of Organizing for:  Moms-to-Be & Especially Moms on Bed Rest. Call for Details.
The Process:
1.  Mimi will visit your home and discuss the areas that you would like to organize. We will create a plan of action. It is your choice whether you want to implement the plan of action on your own or with her guidance. This consultation will be about one to two hours depending on your organizing goals. At this point, we will set up a time to start organizing your things, your life, or your time to give you peace of mind, order, and more time to do the activities you really enjoy.

2.    The next part is implementing our plan of action. In order to achieve your goals, we will work together to sort items.  This helps you to see what all you really have.  From there, we'll talk about what needs to be kept, donated, thrown away or recycled. Ultimately, you are the decision maker and we are there to guide you.  At the same time, you will learn ways to maintain these organizational systems. These sessions are in three  hour increments.

3.  Finally, maintenance sessions can be scheduled on a regular basis or whenever needed to help you stay organized. 
It is very common to "backslide" into old habits, so these refresher courses are just what you need.
Organizing Consulting
Need Home Organizing Services
 Ten Reasons you may need to make the call:
1.  Your living room looks more like a storage area
than a living room.
2.  You lose your keys more than you are able to find them.
3.  You consistently miss important appointments.
4.  You consistently pay bills late due to losing them.
5. You are scared to start getting organized, and even more scared to not start at all.
6.There is too much stuff on your kitchen table
to even eat there.
7.  You're ashamed to invite guests over.
8.  You avoid being at home, because it's just too depressing to see the piles.
9.  You are completely overwhelmed by the thought of getting organized.
10.  Your lack of organization is affecting your family, relationships, job and life, in general.
Our Services are tailored to Your Budget and Goals.
Give the gift of Home Organizing!
Gift Cards are Available Upon Request
Professional Organizers
Paper Management & Filing SolutionsPaper Management & Filing Solutions
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